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Longarm Machine Quilting by Mail
Please print, fill out  and include with your quilt top

First Name-_____________________________________________ Last Name- ________________________________

Street-____________________________________________ City-_______________________ State-_____________________

Zip-_________________ home phone-_________________ Cell phone-_______________ email-___________________________

Name of quilt/pattern-__________________________________  Your deadline-_______________

Quilt top-

_______Length x ________width=________stitched per sq inch

_________stitches per sq inch x .025 (edge to edge or allover design) =__________(your cost, plus batting and shipping)

Example - my quilt top is 92" x 70" = 6,440 sq inches
    my price is 6,440 x .025 =$161.00
    my backing and  batting should be - 100" x 78"

Quilt Back-

_____Lenght  ______ width (needs to be 3-4 inches larger than quilt top on all 4 sides. If you need to add 2 inch strips on all 4 sides that is OK. Just be sure you have enough backing under quilt top.)

Backing seam vs wholecloth back-

    Do you have a seam in the backing? please draw a picture-

Is the seam going north/ south or east/ west? (circle your choice)

Pattern Name-__________________________________________ (patterns on next page)

Thread color-___________________________________________

Please Mark the top of your quilt.
Mark the right side of the backing.
Give your quilt/backing a final pressing.
Secure all seams, staystitch the outside if necessary.
Don't forget your batting.

Carefully fold and ship! We pay return shipping!!! Yeah!

I will send a text or email when I receive your quilt. Next you will get a photo mock up of the pattern on your quilt. This is to make sure you like the  scale/pattern size. Also a photo of  thread color options for your approval. If you do not want to choose a pattern/thread color I can do that for you. 
There is a $50.00 minimum frame charge.
Usually there is a  2 week turn around time. A little longer at Christmas and Graduation. If there is a delay I will contact you.

If you would like to purchase batting-
    Less to ship and you pay by the linear inch so you purchase only what you need. 

Hobb 80/20 - (Quilt tops < 96 inch length)  
    width of quilt______  + 8" =_____x .22 = _______

hobbs 80/20- (queen/king lenght, 120 inch length)
    width of quilt _______+ 8" =_____ x .33 =_______

Warm and White - ( length of <92 inches)  
    width of quilt _______ + 8" =_____x .33 = ______

Warm and White (queen/king, 120") 
    width of quilt _______ + 8" =_____x .44 = _______

​Pay by check or I can send an invoice on PayPal. PayPal email-_____________________________________________

​Make checks payable to The T Shirt Quilt Company. Thanks for your business!!!

If you do not want to calculate the price of your quilt. No worries! I will be happy to do it. Just ship:)

                                                                                                                                                              Quilting -   _____.__
                                                                                                                                                              Batting -    ______.__
                                                                                                                                                              Sub total-  _______.__

                                                                                                                                                        Ohio sales tax-  ______.__
                                                                                                                                                        Total amount-     ______.__ 

                                                   ship to- The T Shirt Quilt Company            
                                                                494 Valley View Pt
                                                                Springboro, Ohio 45066

Please call or text if you have any questions, (937)748-1334 or text @ 937-776-2928